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Hi friends,

As promised on Twitter, there’s now a video of my Melbourne Rust Meetup talk.

However, the video quality is a bit rough, so I wrote up a blog post too: Building a fast Electron App with Rust. This post describes how Finda is implemented as an Electron UI wrapper that delegates all actual work to a Rust binary.

Thanks to all of you who wrote in after the last newsletter — based on your suggestions, Finda now supports Firefox, Visual Studio Code, and has somewhat nicer visual design =)

I plan to write a few more posts about the internals of Finda (index data structures, websockets, etc.). Let me know if there’s something you’d like to hear more about!

In other news, I’m now in Wellington, New Zealand. I’ll be here until mid-May: For any Kiwis out there, drop me a line — the first round is on me!