Kevin Lynagh

I’m a designer specializing in user interfaces for complex systems.

Keming Labs is my consulting firm, with clients in renewable energy, weather forecasting, finance, and synthetic biology.

My current focus is on making abstract concepts tangible. For example, direct manipulation of layout constraints in a graphic design tool and interactive visualization of state machines.

For my design process, see choosing features. See also 20+ other talks on data visualization, programming, and the time I made a cell phone.

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What Kevin is doing now

I’m currently in Berkeley, California working on:

I update this section on a monthly basis. Last updated: 2019 Mar 21.

Computering projects

Woodworking / Architecture projects

Miscellaneous notes

These notes aren’t polished; I wrote/recorded them to help myself explore an idea. They’re listed here just in case someone finds ‘em interesting or useful:

Please get in touch!

I love to hear from people, especially if I can help with their projects or careers! Please email me if you:

If you think it’s weird to email people you don’t know — it’s not! Some of the best relationships I have, business and personal, started when one of us reached out to the other for help on a project, thoughts on a problem, or just coffee! So, if you’re considering emailing, please do it!

For best results, see Patrick McKenzie’s tips for emailing busy people.