Kevin Lynagh

Welcome to my personal website!

I’m a designer (in the “identifying and solving human problems” sense, not the “make things look cool” sense).

Professionally, I specialize in digital product design for technical applications. Keming Labs is my consulting firm.

Personally, I practice industrial design and architecture, in Stewart Brand’s “Low Road” sense.

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What Kevin is doing now

I’m currently in Queenstown, New Zealand working on:

I’m currently not working on (but may pick up later):

I update this section on a monthly basis. Last updated: 2018 May 15.

Computering projects

Woodworking / Architecture projects

Design writing

Please get in touch!

I love to hear from people, especially if I can help with their projects or careers! Please email me if you:

If you think it’s weird to email people you don’t know — it’s not! Some of the best relationships I have, business and personal, started when one of us reached out to the other for help on a project, thoughts on a problem, or just coffee! So, if you’re considering emailing, please do it!

For best results, see Patrick McKenzie’s tips for emailing busy people.