The Weathertron

← Back to Kevin's homepagePublished: 2016 July 20

Started work 2013 February, released 2013 June.

See the Weathertron website and a blog post technical overview.

The Weathertron was the second attempt Ryan and I made to build an iOS application. We streamlined the UI compared to Weather Table and spent the bulk of the development time optimizing for smooth visual performance.

For launch, Ryan made a brief press kit, I wrote a technical post for Hacker News, and we made some tweets. Since launch, the app has sold about 20k copies and has been featured in Wired, the Guardian, and the New York Times.

In addition to the modest income, the app has been helpful from a marketing standpoint: at least one client used it to promote Keming Labs within their organization and I sometimes see strangers in public happily using it.

We usually launch a new version with each iOS release to correct for changes in system font metrics, APIs, and timezones.

Weathertron hero Weathertron main screen Weathertron week forecast screen Weathertron day/night times Weathertron location lookup