Building a workshop

← Back to Kevin's homepagePublished: 2016 July 26Last updated: 2017 April 3

Last fall I bought 3 acres (about 12,000 m2) of rural property in the American Pacific Northwest and am designing a workshop to be the first structure. Once completed, it will support construction of a well house and my actual residence.

This page documents my goals for the shop, background research, and my design decisions. Construction was originally planned for 2017, but is now postponed indefinitely.


2017 April 3: I’ve postponed the workshop build indefinitely to focus on Subform.

2017 March 1: Added more rendering sketches and annotated all sketches with context around the decisions.

2017 Feburary 8: Added more rendering sketches to hone in on a coherent aesthetic.

2016 November 29: Thermal modeling analysis, or what they don’t tell you about differential equations in school.

2016 August 23: Rough interior layout notes and a new set of massings based on geotechnical feedback.

2016 August 4: Organized pricing notes and got a metal building quote. Looks like $65–70k for stick-built workshop, $45–50k for a steel-frame workshop. Also added initial renderings of the workshop massing.

2016 August 1: Added rough pricing notes.

2016 July 31: Added workshop initial massings, airtightness and references sections.