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Hi friends,

A debugging story

One of my favorite things about releasing software is hearing back from the people who use it. In particular, discovering the myriad differences in how people use my software on their computers.

For example, I discovered that everyone who emails me about Finda problems first tries looking for clues in Console.app. I’d never heard of Console.app, but after the third email mentioning it, I decided that my programs should start writing their logs there.

I wrote that up in a blog post: Logging Rust Errors on OS X. (Boring topic, but there’s a thrilling debug story there too — insomuch as you enjoy debugging and/or schadenfreude.)

Throwback computing

I’ve spent the last few weeks traveling around New Zealand in a small camper van. After the sun goes down, there’s not much to do but write, so I wrote up a project from all the way back in 2011: Developing Kindle Apps. (Yes, the grayscale, one frame per second Kindle!)

Kevin’s in England!

Finally, I’ll be in Manchester, England through June, then traveling around the rest of the UK and/or the continent through at least November.

Just reply to this email if you want to grab a coffee or nearby-time-zone Skype — I’m always happy to chat about your projects, work, consulting advice, etc.