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Hi friends,

Amsterdam + Helsinki

I’m in Amsterdam for the next few weeks, then Helsinki for the ClojuTRE conference. If you’re in either of those places, lets meet up!

Publishing my research notes / videos

Writing articles has never been a particularly quick activity for me. Typical articles take me 10+ hours to write. (I’ve never broken past 250 words / hour.)

However, I do a lot of writing for myself when I’m exploring a new domain and thinking through new ideas.

If I get stuck on a problem, sometimes I record casual screencasts to send out to friends to get help on the problem.

I’ve learned a ton from reading other people’s “rough notes” (e.g., Jamie Brandon’s reading notes, Steve Krouse’s “research recap” podcasts, and Michael Nielsen’s Twitter). So I realized it’d be more fair to err on the side of publishing my own notes, just in case they’re helpful or interesting to others.

Check them out on my website.

So far, my notes include some behind-the-scenes Subform stuff, thoughts on exporting code from design tools, and coding interview practice attempts.

On table design

My most recent research interest is the design of tables of relational data. We know how to design quantitative data graphics — scatter plots, bar charts, etc. — but I haven’t been able to find much about designing presentational tables.

I’m interested designing a grammar / system for specifying and generating presentational tables from normalized relational data.

Check out the research note and please write if you know of any prior art or have suggestions for a research direction!


Since the last newsletter:

That’s it for now! As usual, just reply to this email if you want to grab a coffee or nearby-time-zone Skype — I’m always happy to chat about your projects, work, consulting advice, etc.