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Hi friends!

Miscellany first

Neat things I’ve run across in the last month:

Shipping puzzle in MiniZinc

As I mentioned in the last update, someone mentioned this Coursera course on the MiniZinc constraint language, and I am glad they did — it’s awesome!

After working through the course, I managed to solve a small version of the shipping puzzle with MiniZinc, which you can see in part III.

Hiccup templates + ClojureScript type inference

From the “I should have done this years ago” department: I looked into optimizing the performance of ClojureScript React templates, and came up with a compiler that:

tl;dr, your templates will be faster because they’ll contain less code — and no code is faster than, well, no code.

Read about that here; the article also includes links to git repositories so you can try it in your own projects.

Nomadic living advice

Someone asked me for advice about what it’s like to do the digital nomad thing. (Since 2017 Oct, my girlfriend and I have lived in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, Poland, and, uh, California.)

I’m writing an article with general advice around logistics, including our financial overview.

Are there any specific topics or questions you’d like me to address?

Until next time!