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Hi friends!

Happy new year! Neat things I’ve run across in the last month:

Last shipping puzzle update, I promise

After my frustrations with MiniZinc in part III, a reader took it upon themselves to find an efficient MiniZinc solution and came up with several additional solutions.

Nikolas Goebel also did an interesting solution using differential dataflow, which allows for incremental re-computation of the routes as legs are added or removed. (Nikolas also gave a talk at the 2018 Clojure/conj on using this technique to build Reactive Datalog for Datomic.)

Searching genomes

I read a great pre-print on using some tricks with bloom filters to quickly search genomes. (A few seconds to search 500,000 bacterial and viral genomes, though you need a few terabytes of RAM.)

I tried to make something faster. That didn’t work out, but it was fun writing up my notes!

What was even more fun was hearing from the author on Twitter, who kindly answered all of my questions.

And then someone else said: “Very gratifying when people read and think hard - thanks!”, which sums up my positive feelings about the Internet.

Keep on reading and thinking hard, y'all!



p.s. I’m toying with publishing email correspondence, so if you want to hear my thoughts on a topic, please email me!