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Hi friends!

Travel tips

After 18 months of nomadic living, here are my travel tips, including a full breakdown of our housing costs for the first year. If you want specific recommendations for neighborhoods or coffee shops in any of the cities listed, feel free to drop me a line!

CAD + Chairs

Last newsletter, I was exploring the possibility of wiring tactile input devices into Fusion 360 for CAD modeling. My initial experiments weren’t promising, though: Drawing a simple line or point and refreshing screen via the plugin API took about 20–30ms, which doesn’t bode well for a smooth experience.

On the plus side, once I stopped messing with programming I managed to model and construct a chair:

A chair made of OSB

Check out my Fusion 360 first impressions, which includes process notes behind this chair. I still have 7 quarter-sheets of OSB left and this first prototype is a bit uncomfortable, so I expect I’ll be doing a few more iterations over the next weeks. (I’ll post those on Twitter: @lynaghk.)

Other stuff

Be well my friends!