← Back to Kevin's newslettersPublished: 2020 Dec 6

Hi friends,

I’ve got a few projects in the oven, but nothing’s baked quite yet. So this newsletter it’s links-only, organized in descending order of Kevin-commentary.

Two tips for maximizing your information intake/enjoyment:

  1. In Gmail, create a filter for the word “unsubscribe”, label matches with “newsletter” (or whatever) and have them skip the inbox. Now you never need to worry about cluttering your inbox and you can sign up for a newsletter every time you read a thoughtful article. (No newsletter? No problem, use Blogtrottr to convert any blog RSS feed into emails.)

    Seriously, email is the best. No JavaScript, works offline, no dumb algorithm hiding posts or showing you “popular” garbage.

  2. Install the video speed controller browser extension and give it hotkeys (I use the square bracket keys) so you can easily adjust playback speed for on any video playing on any website. This especially helpful for slow-talking YouTubers (30m woodworking tutorials become 10m) and speed-running “getting started with our enterprise software solution”-type videos.

Now that you have my secrets, you too can curate wonderful, link-filled newsletters. (Obviously, let me know so I can sign up!)

Okay, onto the links: