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Hi friends,

Around here we normally discuss fun computer stuff; the abstract and symbolic. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a reminder that we must not lose sight of physical reality; of real resources, demographics, and infrastructure.

Our collective response, not only as governments but as individuals, must go beyond the symbolic. We must remember the reality beyond retweets and emoji flags.

I’m sharing below a letter I sent to my senators in the hope that, if you are fortunate enough to live in a democratic country, you will do similar. Not just to make your opinion known, but to — according to your ability — stake real resources toward building a future where we can flourish together.

I have already reached out to those I know personally in Europe and Russia, and would love to hear from others I may be able to help. We are all in this together.

A letter to my senators


I fully support sanctions on the Russian oligarchs, even if it means we must endure higher oil and gas prices.

We must also not forget to play America’s most powerful card. Not our military or petrodollar, but our reputation as a country of freedom and opportunity: We must open our doors.

Please ask the executive to grant Temporary Protected Status to Ukrainian refugees so they may find safety here in the United States.

We must also remember that the Russian people have brains and they have hearts; many know their government is unjust and would love to emigrate to America. It is in our strategic interests to let them.

While I hope most Russian scientists, engineers, and mechanics would help us create prosperity through clean energy infrastructure, if some must build oil pipelines and hypersonic missiles, I would rather they do it for America than for Putin or Xi Jinping.

Finally, the good fortune I’ve had building software for wind farms, commodity traders, and medical startups, all stems from America’s generosity in admitting my Vietnamese refugee mother. It would be my honor to extend this generosity to future Americans and their children.

While my software/consulting business is small (< $1MM annual revenue), I would be happy to eliminate my salary and profits to hire, train, and place as many Ukrainian and Russian immigrants as our Federal bureaucracy will allow me to help.

I hope your office will be in touch.



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