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Hi friends,

I’ve always had a bad habit of starting projects, throwing a few dozen (or hundred) hours of work in, and then moving on without really telling anyone about ‘em.

I’m not stopping, but I will be making an effort to share a bit more: I’m writing up all of my projects (including why some of them failed) on my new personal website. If you want more deets, photos, source code, etc., send me an email and I’ll hook you up.

As for future projects, besides the digital product design tool (which Ryan and I will be launching REAL SOON FOR REAL), over the next few months I will be diving deep into architecture.

Not software architecture, but real life building architecture. In particular, the process of designing myself a 1000ish sqft workshop.

(I’ve read about $200 worth of used books on Amazon and spent 5 days volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, so the project should be a breeze.)

The first major decision, the workshop’s placement on site, has already been made, and next week I’ll write up initial thoughts on the building shape.