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Hi friends,

When I first bought my property, I hired an architecture firm to help me work things out. That has since fallen through, but I’m still impressed with their rendering technology, which was so advanced that it transformed me into a white guy with a blonde girlfriend:

architectural rendering

(Also note the Howitzer in the lower left.)

Since I didn’t go to architecture school, I couldn’t figure out how to do this. But I did manage to render a rough massing for my workshop:

initial workshop rendering

Check out the full workshop massing and initial rendering articles for all of the details.

And, if you’re into the numbers, I’ve also put together a rough cost estimate for the workshop. (In the neighborhood of $50,000 USD, hopefully.)

Let me know what you think: Should I look into an alternative massing? A different building technology? Send me your sketches!

For next week, I’ll explore the workshop’s interior layout and tools; if you have any dream workshop features, just reply to this email.

Talk to you next week!